Lease Beats vs. Exclusive Rights Beats | Which is best for you?

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A lot of music artists and upcoming producers ask themselves the question: Should I lease beats or purchase exclusive rights. The answer varies from person to person, but I would almost always advise the artist to go with what works best for you and your campaign personally. This may seem like it doesn’t help much, but only you know how hard you are going to push the song or what you actually have planned for it’s rollout. If you are feeling the beat and want to mess around with it to come up with a dope idea, I would say you should look for beats for lease. This will allow you to only pay to use the beat and test it out before making the commitment to push it strongly with your team. I would recommend leasing a beat if you want to make a short viral song and test it, but once you get a buzz going, then you will probably want exclusive rights.  If you know for a fact that you have found the perfect beat for your idea and plan to use it as a single, then I would say it is important to purchase Exclusive Rights Beats for this situation. With Exclusive Rights Beats, you can use the beat however you want, but the producer should be credited for their production. However, due to having exclusive rights, you should be given the .wav trackout files to have the beat professionally mixed and can also have the song loaded up and distributed through as many online stores, streaming or retail stores as you would like. You will essentially own the rights to the beat itself, so you can do as you please to profit off of it. Some producers will require a royalty of about 2-3 points, but this is a standard throughout the music industry in general.

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